"You idiot! I should have known you’d get yourself into a mess like this- get up. Get up! Clove?!

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we were supposed to go home
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Clato + faceless

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Hunger Games Ships + Heraldic Aspects 1/??

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She could cut anyone who dared cross her. Whenever she was about to strike, Clove always brought the knife to her lips as if to kiss it. She’d smile, letting whatever was her target know this was the last thing it was going to see.

He weilded a sword with skill as if he was born with it in his hand. There was nothing to stop him once he set his eyes on a victim and a sword was laced between his fingers. People would whisper his name like he was a legend.

Together, they made a deadly couple. .

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Cato and Clove, the tributes from District 2, might have both made it home if Peeta and I hadn’t.

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´Cause all the time we have

We´ll share it

You and I

Chasing life


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you don’t know how lovely you are

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DARKNESS IN MY HEART  { a fanmix for cato & clove from district two }

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